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Who I am

Eric L Townsend

Born just as the 1940's were wrapping up. Grew up in the 50's and 60's when I am glad to say the guy with the white hat always won and the guy in the black hat paid for his crimes. The one notable exception being Hopalong Cassidy. OK....maybe I'd better throw in Gabby Hayes and Palladin....

Grew up in Central New York, graduated high school and went off to College to be a Forester. Well that didn't exactly work out. With the draft breathing down my neck I joined the Navy where, in bootcamp, I was  literally tricked into extending my enlistment to 6 years to attend the Naval Nuclear Power School. The rest is history.....

Got out early when I obtained custody of my two children, returned home and fell into a job at a local Nuclear Power Plant that was under construction. Remarried, 3 more kids and a very demanding job. Yeah... I took point and shoot photos while herding various kids in and out of various vans and campers over the years. Then, a few years before I retired a friend and coworker introduced me to the DSLR. I was hooked.

Now I am retired and able to travel for my new found passion..... photography. Kinda on a tight schedule due to Age Related Macular Degeneration. My Dad lost his vision to it and while I may not, I sure am not gonna sit around with my thumb up my behind waiting to find out. I expect to continue to learn until they plant me. The only retirement plan I have was provided by a friend. "Make the check bounce the day after you die." This website is an attempt to share my journey and learning. (and I'm tired of posting on a bunch of different website....)

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