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Hopefully the start of something new

Not sure I'll ever get there but going forward I am going to attempt to chronical my photography here on this website. If any involvement with Facebook takes place it will be to provide a link to my website. I really can no longer afford the time to put up with the Facebook way of doing things. I originally joined FB as a way to keep abreast of my children who had scattered to the winds up and down the East Coast. Now between advertisements, unsolicited videos and who knows what, I can hardly find their posts. I hope to offer some of my best photography here. My focus going forward will be on quality and not quantity. I started this journey upon retirement and although I've learned much, I'm still just a babe in the woods. I fell into a lot of traps along the way and still have bad habits but am striving to improve. An example would be my early landscape photography when I knew nothing of composition, "Getting it right in the field." and overprocessed each shot with my rudimentary software and skills mimicking what I saw on the internet. HDR was big and I fell hook line and sinker. A lot of birds as of late since the pandemic but I really miss landscapes and intend to do some roaming to remedy that situation.

Enough for now. I'll take no more of your time. Stay tuned for links on Facebook. They may be a while in the making. I've a lot of fixing of my website to do.


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